About us

Harmony Headwraps was founded by Gwen and Mahala in 2017.

Mahala began wrapping in 2013, and Gwen in 2016. Despite having known each other online for nearly ten years, it was wrapping that finally brought them together. They realised there was nowhere in the UK to buy scarves, tichels and accessories, and they wanted to meet that need.

With their strong business backgrounds, they had the skills and experience to create an online headscarf shop, and Harmony Headwraps was born. Their dream was to share the art and love of headscarves with the UK and beyond.

In 2020, Mahala went her own way to focus on her sound therapy business, and Gwen took over Harmony Headwraps on her own, alongside her independent accountancy practice. In September 2021, Gwen took the scary and exciting leap to quit the day job, to focus on Harmony Headwraps and her family, and she hasn't looked back!