Our Ethics

At Harmony Headwraps, we care about the impact our business has on the world and the people in it. We aren't perfect, but in this world that's impossible, so we do our best, and are always looking for ways to improve.


  • We use cardboard packaging where possible, with eco friendly paper tape
  • Where we use poly bags, ours are made from sugar cane and are fully recyclable
  • We reuse packaging where we can
  • All our tissue paper is now recycled

Energy use:


  • The fashion industry is one of the worst polluters, and though we are only a tiny manufacturer, we want to make as minimal impact as we can, as the Earth is precious, and we are all responsible for caring for it.
  • All our fabric is purchased from the UK.
  • Our fabrics of preference are cotton and viscose. It's hard to know which is better - while cotton is natural, it's also very energy intensive and comes with the possibility of exploitative labour, and while viscose is derived from natural sources (wood pulp) it is semi-synthetic and the processes used are also not very eco friendly. However, we have taken the stance that both are better than polyester, which is plastic, and creates microplastic waste.
  • The crushed velvet we use for our shapers and headbands is polyester as there is no other option, but we have taken the difficult decision to discontinue our velvet scarves made from the same, due to the impact on the environment of polyester.
  • Any polyester we do buy for our handmade scarves is deadstock or overstock. Buying these fabrics does not increase demand for them, as they are end of line, surplus to requirements, or otherwise destined for landfill. Deadstock isn't a perfect solution, but it's something. It also means our limited edition scarves are truly exclusive.
  • If we can buy cotton or viscose that's also deadstock/overstock, then we do
  • Many of our apron scarves are made from upcycled fabric
  • We keep all fabric waste for upcycling or recycling. Some examples of what we have done with our fabric waste are: crochet rag rug, footstool filling, toy stuffing, make cushion pads, given to other crafters to make things with.

Stock sourcing:

  • Our Sari Scarves are made in India and we purchase direct. Our main supplier is a women-run business that not only recycles and upcycles, but supports womens empowerment and eco friendly projects.
  • We use independent UK suppliers where possible. The majority of stock our wholesalers carry is made in China, which is typical for this industry at this price point.
  • We source some products and components direct from China, as we cannot find them elsewhere. We are aware of the ethical questions surrounding this, including environmental/human rights concerns on one hand, and racism (the assumption that all things made in China are bad or made unethically, which is untrue) on the other. It continues to be a nuanced point which we regularly consider.


  • We are proudly anti-racist, pro-LGBTQ+, pro-choice, intersectional feminists, and as anti-capitalist as a business can be. A proportion of profits will go towards supporting our values, usually directly supporting marginalised people. 

By buying from Harmony Headwraps, you are directly supporting queer disabled people - thank you.