Serenity XL


The fourth and largest shaper in the Serenity family is the Serenity XL. This volumizer is BIG!

Made the same way as the Serenity, this has an extra large pouf so you can take your wrap to the max!

-Gives a smooth shape and volume to your wrap
-Generous headband - your scarf won't slip
-Adjustable volume - stuffing is removable and adjustable
-Perfectly adjustable headband with no velcro!
-No lumps! Stuffing can clump over time, but the Serenity includes a smooth layer of wadding so you wont have to suffer the "golf balls" phenomenon experienced with some other shapers

Made to order- please allow 2-3 weeks for manufacture.

Made to order- please allow 2-3 weeks for manufacture.


We ship worldwide. Due to Covid-19, we are only posting once a week: UK delivery within 5-10 working days.


14 day return Policy. UK Returns are Free

UK Tichel Volumizer

Velvet headband: 100% polyester

Volume section: 100% cotton shell with polyester filling

What our customers are saying:

"Look at that shape! it's gorgeous!!!" - HV

"Thank you for the wonderful shaper, it truly is a game changer." - ET

"The shaper feels so secure and comfortable, and I love the shape." - HM

"I absolutely love the Serenity... it is SO comfortable and lightweight and the adjustable feature is amazing! I'm in love" - LA

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