Shaper smoother


This is how we get our shapers so smooth: a circle of quilt batting inside the pouf. No more 'golf balls' as your shaper stuffing ages and gets moved about!

Yes, this is as low-tech as it looks, and yes, you could make it yourself; if you can, feel free!

However, if you don't have batting/wadding lying around, or can't be bothered, or aren't sure what size to cut it (we did a bit of experimenting to get it right), then grab one of these (or two, or ten, we know some of you have every shaper on the market!). So simple - you'll love it.

See below for sizing and more.

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How to use:

Simply take out all your stuffing from your adjustable volume shaper (e.g. Serenity, Midi-S, Cloud 9, Wendy, etc), pop one of these in, position it where your volume normally peaks, then stuff that stuffing back in again! Voila! All your shapers are beautifully smooth.



Fits our Mini-S, Midi-S, and other smaller volumizers like the Cloud 9


Fits our Serenity, and other larger volumizers like the Wendy, Uber Pouf and Yodfat Bereton, or will fit smaller shapers where you want a flatter top to the pouf.

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